Turkey Çeşme, Izmir

May 19-22, 2016

Main Sponsor

diamond sponsor

platinum sponsor

titanium sponsor


Take advantage of the great exposure possibilities at the 2016 Global Pulse Convention!

Full details of all sponsorship and partnership opportunities are in the electronic sponsorship brochure and
can be downloaded by clicking here

The following is an overview of the 2016 sponsorship options

  Description  Company    Cost  Availability  
 Main Sponsor / Conference Title Arbel - AGT Food & Ingredients    $50,000            N/A
 Diamond - Gala Dinner Akyurek Technologies $35,000 N/A
 Platinum - Welcome Reception  Hakan Agro $25,000 N/A
 Titanium - Badge Holder  Memisoglu $20,000 N/A
 Gold - Luncheons  Nawras, Goze Tarim, Maviga $15,000 N/A
 Silver - Refreshments & Power Breaks Yayla Agro, AKY Technology, Dicle Group $10,000 N/A
 Silver  Sponsor Sintez $10,000 N/A
 Silver - Delegate Bags + cost of bags  Esarco $5,000 N/A
 Silver - USB Drives + cost of USB drives Yayla Agro $5,000 N/A
 Silver - Delegate GIfts Agrozan $5,000 N/A
 Bronze - Internet Corner  Mellow $5,000 N/A

 Bronze - Individual Sessions/Round Table  

Societa Cofica / Simpson Seeds / Jova Mexico / 
Alegrow  / Jawaharlal and Sons / 
La Macerana
Trimurti / Bodega de Granos al Alazan/ Granos de Sinaloa    
/ Columbia Grain

$5,000 N/A
 Bronze - Writing Materials + cost of pad and pen  Teekay & Danny $3,500 N/A
 Bronze sponsor Marina Commodities $6,000 N/A
 Bronze sponsor Unicom $5,000 N/A
 Copper - Pocket Program & Appointment Leaflet     Viterra $3,500 N/A
 Copper - Corporate Brochure Inserts  Primore S.R.L , ACE Global, Buhler $2,500 2
 Exhibitor Booth   $5,000  
 Convention Magazine - Full Page Advert   $1,000  
 Convention Magazine - Half Page Advert   $500  

Please send your sponsorship requests to sudhakar.tomar@cicilsiptic.org and info@cicilsiptic.org

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you, the GPC team