Turkey Çeşme, Izmir

May 19-22, 2016

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It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to join us for the 2016 Global Pulse Convention, which will be held at the Sheraton Cesme Hotel Resort & Spa - Cesme, Izmir, on the Aegean coast of western Turkey from 19 to 22 May, 2016.

Turkey is the cradle of cultures and civilizations connecting Europe and Asia and capital of civilizations that have reined the lands of Anatolia for centuries. Since the beginning of history, Anatolia, well known as one the earliest settlements, has continued to flourish with the migration of various tribes, and has accumulated a large cultural heritage through a line of succeeding empires and civilizations. Many empires ranging from the Sumerians to the Hittites, the Lydians to the Byzantines and the Seljuks to the Ottomans have once thrived and expired within the borders of Turkey. For more information about Turkey please visit GoTurkey

Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara. It is a modern city being one of the main hubs for exporting various agricultural and industrial products from its port. The ancient city was known as Smyrna and the city was generally referred to as Smyrna in English, until the Turkish adoption of Latin alphabet in 1928 made "izmir" the internationally recognized name. Izmir enjoys a climate with mild winters and warm/hot summers, and there are many interesting small towns and holiday resorts around the city such as Cesme (where the convention will be held), Foca, Urla, Gumuldur, Selcuk and Sirince. 

Cesme (meaning ‘fountain’) is a coastal town which is located to the west of Izmir and is a very popular holiday destination. It is known as the wind and kite surfing centre of Turkey, and also considered as one of the most popular surfing places in the world.

                            Some highlights of the region

  • Izmir has a 8500-year-old history.
  • One of the oldest bridges (850 BC) of the world stands over the Meles creek.
  • The temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world is in Selcuk, Izmir.
  • The Virgin Mary lived in Ephesus. The first Christian church built in her name is also here.
  • Homer; the writer of The Iliad and The Odyssey was from this region.
  • Parchment paper was invented in Pergamum





Nearby Attractions

Ephesus - Once the trade centre of the ancient world and a religious centre of the early Christianity; today, Ephesus is an important tourism attraction in Turkey. The ancient city welcomes many visitors from all over the world. For more information about Ephesus please visit GoTurkey

House of Virgin Mary - It is the place where Mary may have spent her last days. It is located on the top of the "Bulbul" mountain 9 km from Ephesus.

Basilica of St John - It is believed that the evangelist St. John spent his last years in the region around Ephesus.

Temple of Artemis - It is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Today it is only possible to see the ruins of the foundations of this construction of the Hellenistic Age which is entirely made of marble and is full of sculptured columns, capitals and shafts.

Please visit our Social Events page for detailed information about sightseeing tours and activities.